Fantasy football, Baseball and Online Casino Promotions

Okay, listen up all of you who are native New Jersey men and women. Have I got a treat for you. And it’s known as online casino gambling. That’s right, you heard me, online casino gambling. It’s perfect for those that either like or love to gamble and yet can’t find the time to visit an actual casino.

Back in February, Governor Christie announced plans for this to come to fruition. He signed a deal that will make online gambling legal in the state. This will make many gamblers very happy. I mean, let’s be honest, betting on sports is something that almost every sports fan has done in his time. My one roommate, he used to do it, when he had the money. It’s a normal pastime for many people. Once this comes to term, if it hasn’t already, it will be legal to do this in Jersey. The deadline is in November, but it could come to pass as early as the summer time.

So what are some of the things that are offered on this online gambling site. They have poker tournaments. They also have fantasy football and baseball. Now name me one sports fan who does not indulge in fantasy football and baseball? It’s that serious. So what are some of the other games available on this site? Well they have backgammon and blackjack. They also have craps, video poker and red dog. Which is going to make it even more exciting. Nay variation of poker or video poker that you can think of will be there. Oh and did I mention the slot machine. The slot machine is an all-time favorite for many people. Take a look at a casino, they next time you go.

So what are some of the requirements for this online game site? Well you have to be of legal age. In New Jersey, that is about the age 21, if not older.

Do you have to be a Jersey resident in order to visit the site and open an account? No, you do not. While you don’t have to be a resident, per say, you do need to be living somewhere along the border.

Some bring up the question of leaving the state and still staying active on the site. The answer to this is, once you leave the state you can’t log on and play. If you do, you will be charged with illegal activity.
Now you may be asking how will the system know if you are of legal residency or not. Well it’s simple, they use verification checks. They use customer checks to verify where you live and where you are playing from. if something funny red flags in they system, they will notify you right away.
But in order to play you first need to have a gaming license in the state of New Jersey. You can find out how to do this by visiting online or by calling you local New Jersey gaming offices. But the point is, that you must be registered and licensed in order to gamble on this site.

Look online at the casino promotions. They have tons of casino promotions online that can help you out and get you qualified to play. Talk to the gaming enforcement for more qualified information.

So you might be asking yourself how much does all of this cost. I mean nothing is ever for free or for cheap. Well it will cost you about 100 grand to sign up. This later will be sued to go towards the licensing fee. That alone is about 400 grand. So it’s not cheap. But did you really think that a site that offers these online gambling services would be?

So how do you get started? It’s easy. You sign up. You pass the quality check test. Your deposit the money into your account. Once that happens, you are good to go. You track whatever winnings you incur by looking at your account. Once that happens you can request a withdraw. The request is sent through the method that you used to secure your funds. For example if you use a paypal account, they will notify you through them.
If you wish to deposit money into your account, you will have to look for an approved outside source. Depending on the source you could get acceptance within a few moments to a few days.

What about mobile devices? Nothing to report on that yet. If the mobile devices get approved, then you will have access. This site will run on Windows and MAC.

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